Here we intend to make a comprehensive database of our jewelry available to you. Until its completion, we give you a brief overview of our three jewelry lines: Princess - Cocoon - Cleopatra




Princess . . .



"Princess" ring made of 750 white gold augmented with a 28.27-carat citrine and 10 brilliant-cut diamonds




Jewelry from the dreams of our childhood, transformed into reality. The pieces of the "Princess" line each feature a unique gemstone whose brilliance is shown to its best advantage by unobtrusive prong settings and sometimes brilliant-cut diamonds.





"Princess" pendant earrings made of

750 white gold complemented each by a topaz





"Princess" pendants made of rose gold embellished with a smoky quartz and a lemon citrine on a hand-made loop chain







The "Lift-Off" rings are slender creations embellished each with a brilliantly colorful gemstone. On her finger the wearer can individually combine these rings into bouquets of multi-colored splendor.




"Lift-Off" rings to be combined any way the wearer pleases,
 made of 750 white gold complemented by
rubellites, amethysts and citrines




Cocoon . . .


Light and organic like nature's delicate forms: the pieces from the "Cocoon" line are sleek yet ingeniously designed embodiments of floral inspiration


"Cocoon" pendant earrings made of either 750 yellow gold with a platinum hook or of silver with a gold bow


"Cocoon" collier made of 750 yellow gold

This piece was purchased by the Crafts Museum of Dresden at the Pillnitz palace.






Erich Zimmermann and his team are proud to announce receiving the Town&Country Design Award 2007 in the "Gold" category at the Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas.





Cleopatra . . .





This line's combination of gold and gemstones is so convincing that it seems as if it were crafted by the ancient Egyptians themselves. The "Cleopatra" necklaces have obtained the Red Dot Award for high design quality.


"Cleopatra" colliers 

made of 750 yellow gold wed with onyxes, peridots, citrines and rock crystals




"Cleopatra" ear-studs made of 750 yellow gold embellished each with a pearl





Pirate . . .





In Erich Zimmermann's new "Pirate" jewelry line, gemstones take on an entirely new, surprising dimension. By confronting beauty and transience at such close quarters, these pieces of "Pirate" jewelry radiate a uniquely peculiar, fascinating aura.


Pirate pendant made of 750 rose gold with
an amethyst in pear cut of 150ct
and a skull made of white coral




Pirate ring
made of 750 gray gold with a
brilliant cut diamond of 0,90ct